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Consumers today want their food products packaged in a way that is easy to store, easy to open and can be resealed. We can help you meet these customer needs with our complete line of flexible packaging which includes stand-up pouches, reinforced header pouches, freezer bags, cooking bags, baking bags, soup bags and microwave cooking gabs with automatic pressure valves. 

All of our food packaging is made with FDA-certified polyethylene ensuring no plastic taste or smell after cooking. Packaging can be laminated and has up to ten color print capability providing you with a high quality end product to meet your branding needs. Better yet, with an overseas plant, our flexible packaging is priced at a much lower cost than domestic manufacturing yet offers the same quality that you and your clients expect. 

What makes flexible packaging even more appealing are the environmental-friendly benefits it delivers. Technological advancements in the industry have resulted in a reduced use of plastic by way of package minimization, reduced waste in the distribution chain and reduced energy consumption during the recycling process. Research shows that consumers are willing to pay more for products packaged in a way that is easy to open, easy to store and better for the environment. There's no time like now to give it a try!

Barrier Packaging.jpg


  • Polyethylene bags
    (flat, gusset, wicket, centerfold)

  • Bin, drum and box liners

  • Stand up pouches
    (vented, non-vented, MAP)

  • Microwave bags (stand up or flat)

  • Barrier bags (stand up or flat)

  • Freezer bags

  • Sheeting

  • Mailer bags with adhesive

  • Tubing

  • Pallet covers

  • Shrink film

  • Leak proof food grade bags

  • Produce bags (HDPRE or LDPE)

  • Retail merchandise bags

  • Machine auto bags/form and fill form

  • Hazardous waste bags

  • T-shirt bags

  • Paper bags

  • Trash can liners

  • Modified Atmosphere bags

  • Ice bags

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