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Today, the importance of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is widely understood. What was once considered a product for long distance shipping  and storage of produce, has now become a requirement at the store level. Retailers are savvy to the benefits of MAP packaging and expect it.

With our line of PEAKfresh products, Image Plastics & Packaging has been delivering MAP products such as pallet covers and box liners since the early 90's. Using proprietary mineral technology embedded in the film, PEAKfresh products protect fruit, vegetables and flowers from decay and dehydration during long shipping and storage periods by removing damaging gases. Additionally, PEAKfresh technology has an anti-fog treatment that removes condensation stopping the growth of mold and bacteria while keeping humidity levels high. This is especially important for surviving long hours in refrigeration and breaks in the cold chain during transport. All PEAKfresh products come in standard and custom sizes, vented or non-vented, clear or colored and can be customized with one color printing.

Pallet Covers

Box Liners

Home Use Bags

Floral Bags & Sheets

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